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Prelisting Consultation

Now a days buyers and sellers watch a lot of HGTV and DIY shows. These shows hamper the reality of things and reality is, not all homes look like those you see on TV.  Never fear though, Sisters Staging & Design has one heck of a track record!  95% of the homes we consult on have an offer within 2 weeks.  The reason being, we take the clutter out of things so your buyers see the true potential in your home.  From the moment they drive up to the moment they leave, we want them wanting more!  Our consultations can be done virtually and in person.  They take approximately 90 minutes.  You will receive a thorough report which will include if needed, furniture layouts, sketches, an idea board (giving you pictured ideas to use throughout your home), as well as helpful tips for showings and open houses. Please allow yourself at least 2 weeks to get your home market ready.

Vacant Staging

Empty walls, empty rooms, all buyers see are empty spaces.  Did you know that 81% of home buyers cannot visualize their own furniture in a space?  Take the hard work out for them and stage the main areas that buyers have a hard time with.  We always suggest the living room, dining room and master bedroom; the 3 key areas that buyers spend their most time in.  So what does staging involve?  We do all the work and will bring in all the furniture and accessories that will showcase your property the way it should be.  Our inventory consist of furniture, accessories, artwork and linens.  The day of staging, our movers and stager arrive at your property and spend approximately 1 to 2 hours staging it.  Prices will vary depending on size only.  As soon as your property is under contract, all you have to let us know and we’ll get you on the schedule to be destaged.  Stage it! Sell it! SOLD it!

Occupied Staging

Clutter? Too much furniture? Too little furniture? Not enough artwork? Many buyers claim that when a home is occupied, they’re too busy looking at your personal items rather than your home.  Our number ONE goal is to arrange (stage) your furniture and accessories the best way, so that buyers see all the wonderful things about your house and not all your stuff.  After our initial consultation you will receive homework, this will need to be completed prior to staging.  Homework may include, moving furniture to other rooms, storing things away, boxing up items for your move, painting rooms, etc.  The day we arrive to stage your home it could take 4-8 hours to complete and depends on the size of your home.  Stage it! Sell it! SOLD it!


Ready for a change but don’t know where to start?  Revamping your space can include using your current furniture and accessories to us going out and purchasing new items for you.  Ideal for homeowners that are tired of their space and ready for a fresh new look.  After our initial consultation a revamp can take up to 60 days to complete.  (this will depend on how many rooms you’re having revamped). The BEST part of this package is that we put it all together and reveal the FRESH LOOK immediately after we complete the work.

Builder Consultation

Helping builders with numerous aspects of the building stage.  From the exterior to the interior: facade, paint, lighting, flooring, counters, backsplash, fixtures and even room layout.  Building a new house can be overwhelming and sometimes it’s just easier hiring someone else to make those decorating decisions for you.  We also know whats going out and whats coming in.  Let us help you! Together we can take your new build from WOW to WOWZA!


A new service but one that is definitely a warm welcome. Some realtors and homeowners only need a few key pieces to add to their home before they put it on the market.  Sisters Staging & Design now offers rental inventory. Our rental inventory includes but is not limited to, furniture, accessories, lamps, artwork, bedding, outdoor furniture, plants and more.  Follow link for pricing: